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KYN28A -12 AC metal closed switching equipment (hereinafter referred to as switch cabinet) is a three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 12kV single bus and bus segmented system in-house power distribution device. It is suitable for power supply systems in-house such as power plants, substations and airports, terminals, factories and mining enterprises, hotels, financial high-rises and civil buildings, and is used for receiving, distributing electricity and monitoring and protecting the power grid. This product conforms to GB3906, DL/T404 standard. Passed the national high-voltage electrical quality supervision and testing center all type test, and passed the anti-internal fault arc test. It is a high-performance power distribution device with the function of preventing misoperation of circuit b...
MNS low-pressure extraction switching cabinet for the recent development of new products. Its technical level reached the international advanced level in the 1990s. This product design is compact, the structure is strong, the assembly is flexible, the use of standard module design, is a safe, economical, reasonable and reliable new low-voltage extraction switch cabinet. Products with high scoring capacity, dynamic thermal stabilityWell, the electrical scheme is flexible, high protection level and so on. This device complies with the international standards of IEC439, VDE660 Part 5 and GB7251-87 Low Voltage Switch Ingle Equipment. ZBK36001-89 'Low-pressure extraction set switching equipment' professional standards
GCK type low voltage set switching equipment (hereinafter referred to as device) is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage of 400V, rated current is 4000A and below the low voltage grid, for power generation, transmission, power distribution system as a power lighting, power conversion, protection control and other occasions.The unit passes the all-type test project (TTA) and the national mandatory product certification ('CCC' certification), and undergoes a long-term test run assessment.The unit meets the requirements of GB7251.1.
GGD low voltage set switching equipment (hereinafter referred to as device) is suitable for power plant, substation, plant and mining enterprises and other power users of the EXCHANGE 50Hz, rated operating voltage 400V, rated operating current to 3200A distribution system, as power conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and distribution equipment.The device conforms to GB7251.1 standard and is certified as 'CCC'.The device has the characteristics of high breaking ability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, series, practicality, novel structure and high protection level.
PLC control cabinet refers to the programmable control cabinet, control cabinet refers to the complete set of control cabinet, can realize the motor, switch control of the electrical cabinet. PLC control cabinet has overload, short circuit, lack of phase protection and other protection functions.

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