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CANOpen to ProfiBus Gateway

Product name: CANOpen to ProfiBus Gateway
Listing Date: 2019-05-27
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CANOpen to ProfiBus Gateway CANOpen to ProfiBus Gateway ProfiBus slave on the ProfiBus side; CANopen interface is CANopen protocol based on CAN2.0A. This product provides a flexible and simple solution for accessing ProfiBus bus for various CANopen protocol devices in industrial automation. It can be used to connect CANopen devices (such as servo drives, converters, inverters, sensors, PLCs, etc.) to Siemens and ABB. Networking requirements for control systems (eg Siemens S7-300, S7-400PLC systems, ABB 800F systems, etc.)....

Product model: ZK -PBG-005

● Standard ProfiBus-DP slave interface, in line with IEC61158 TYPE3 PROFIBUS international standard, Chinese national standard GB/T 20540-2006;

● Baud rate adaptive 9600 ~ 12Mbps;

● Compatible with mainstream ProfiBus master station equipment, such as Siemens 300/400 PLC, Beckhoff-dp main station, ABB 800F, Omron main station, Hollysys LK PLC, and Lees DCS;

● The CAN2.0A interface complies with the CANopen CiA Draft Standard 301 standard;

● CANopen protocol communication can be flexibly realized through the configuration and programming of the main station (PLC);

● Provide product GSD file for ProfiBus network integration; select the CAN side communication baud rate through the master configuration (as in STEP7 configuration); 5K, 10K, 20K, 40K, 50K, 80K, 100K, 125K, 200K, 250K 400K, 500K, 666K, 800K, with 'control word and status word' settings, you can control the status of the device in real time, to meet the specific needs of users 1M optional.

● Memory shared gateway. The ProfiBus master directly reads/writes the CANopen side site data according to the configured gateway ProfiBus data area (I/Q area). The gateway GSD file is used for network integration. The CANopen configuration can be realized only by the configuration of the master station and the correspondence between the ProfiBus I/Q and CANopen site data is provided.

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