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Zhongke Tianrui sewage treatment automation control system solution

Date: 2019-05-29
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The main control objects of the sewage treatment automation control system are: grille, total pump room, sand sink, bio-reaction pool, precipitation pool, chlorine-adding room, sludge treatment device, blower room and so on. The system can not only control the equipment start and stop in the sewage treatment process according to certain procedures, time and logic relationship, but also collect the water quality of all aspects of sewage treatment through on-line monitoring instruments such as PH meter, dissolved oxygen meter, sludge concentration meter, turbidity meter, etc., and automatically control aeration equipment, drug-adding equipment according to these data, The operation of mixing equipment and drainage equipment, and the water quality of the sewage treatment plant is monitored. There are also functions such as running troubleshooting records, production report records, etc.


Features of the system:

High reliability and stability: the whole system selects mature stereotypes that meet industry standards, PLC modules have self-diagnosis and fault tolerance, PLC control cabinets have perfect anti-jamming and lightning-resistant technical measures, central control room and on-site control station equipment have power supply redundancy function, even in the event of a malfunction or communication interruption of the upper computer, The local control station can also complete the basic local control independently in manual mode.

Openness: The system is open to the user. Equipment addition and decrease, control scheme selection, system amplification and maintenance, users can easily complete in a wide range of equipment environment. All hardware interfaces, software protocols are designed and compiled according to open standards;

Practicaloperation: Group too software and programming software are all Chinese interface, rich picture function, so that users clearly understand the operation of the sewage treatment plant sections, fault alarm point branch details, so that the operator can issue a variety of instructions or change the screen through the mouse alone Users can also access the data of any node in the network through the network of the computer, and the trapezoidal monitoring tool can also monitor the PLC trapezoidal program of each station in the industrial Ethernet and even controller network, without the need for field operation, to achieve a truly seamless connection

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