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Zhongke Tianrui company's total package blast furnace coal-spraying three-electric system engineerin

Date: 2019-05-29
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The automatic coal injection control system consists of 2 sets of PLC, powdering system: including raw coal silos, flue gas heating furnaces, blast furnace gas pipes, combustion air pipes, hot flue gas pipes, cold air pipes, coke oven gas pipes, medium-speed grinding machines, coal-fired machines, coal powder collectors, powder fans and so on. Second, blowing system: including coal powder warehouse, 4 blowing tanks, gas storage tanks, high-pressure nitrogen pipe, blow-off dispenser.

Graphics software using WCC monitoring software, with real-time monitoring, historical trend charts, reports, fault information, good human-machine interface, rich graphics library, process control function blocks, mathematical functions and other functions.

The monitoring screen in the industrial control machine is combined with the control software in the PLC, which constitutes the total function and characteristics of the automation control system, and replaces the large number of display gauges and button switches on the operator's table with the intuitive dynamic display screen in the color large screen terminal, making the operation control both intuitive and simple.

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