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Zhongke Tianrui company for China Atomic Energy Research Institute XXXX lead subcritical reactor to

Date: 2019-05-29
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For the China Atomic Energy Research Institute XXXX lead subcritical reactor overall program design research project, the plc control system and electrical system control cabinet, to meet the technical requirements of the industry, complete the specified equipment function design, performance, manufacturing, inspection, acceptance, packing, transportation and installation, supply scope.

1.1 The functional scope of this engineering PLC system includes data acquisition (DAS), analog quantity control (MCS), sequential control (SCS), and other control functions, is a set of hardware and software integration to complete a complete set of complete control system.

1.2 The PLC provided by the supplier completes the functions of data acquisition (DAS), analog quantity control (MCS), sequential control (SCS) and other functions as specified in this technical specification to meet the requirements of various operating conditions and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the test equipment.

1.3 PLC through high-performance industrial control network and decentralized processing units, process I/O, human-machine interface and process control software to complete the real-time monitoring and control operation requirements of the unit. PLC hardware is safe, reliable and advanced.

The 1.4 PLC system is easy to form (graphical, modular), easy to use and easy to scale.

1.5 The supplier combines the characteristics of the process system and the device and designs the PLC according to the principle of function dispersion and physical dispersion, which is a dedicated control system. The design principles that combine functional dispersion with physical dispersion are as follows:

The control processor of Data Acquisition (DAS)/Analog Quantity Control (MCS) Simple Loop/Order Control (SCS) can be configured according to the process system;      

The process control function of the PLC is properly grouped in each processor according to the process. The system design combines the characteristics of the thermal convection circuit process and electrical system, and follows the principle of function dispersion and physical dispersion.

1.6 PLC grounding is used in a common ground network with the electric, all controller cabinets and I/O cabinets are set up for cable shield grounding special terminal row, ground terminal row and laboratory-set local isopotential terminal box reliable connection.

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